Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Scheme | Application

Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Scheme | Application

Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Scheme  Application

Friends, you will be very happy to know that the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Government Yogi Adityanath has started the Gopalak Scheme for the unemployed in UP. Under this scheme, unemployed can start employment through dairy farms. Nowadays many educated youth are getting worried without employment. Yogi has started this Gopalak Yojana to provide new employment to the unemployed, so that the youth can get help in starting new employment.

Friends, all of you must be thinking what is Uttar Pradesh Gopalak scheme? Let us inform you about this in detail.

#1-Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Scheme

The Uttar Pradesh government has implemented the Gopalak scheme for unemployed youth. In this scheme you can start your employment through dairy farm. The bank will provide loan to start employment under the scheme. Friends, let us tell you that the bank will provide loan in two installments.

Under this scheme, 40 thousand will be provided by the bank every year for 5 years. Maximum youth can take advantage of this scheme so that unemployment in Uttar Pradesh is reduced and everyone gets employment. The government believes that if everyone has employment, the country will progress and this is right, there will be progress in the country only when the unemployment of our country will come down.

#2-Gopalak Scheme in English

In today's inflationary times everybody needs money. And this money will be fulfilled only if we have employment. All will get employment under Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana, and will remove unemployment. This is done by one Chief Minister Yogi ji It is a very good thing that has been done. Friends, we will give you many more information of Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana, you should keep reading carefully.

Dear friends, now you must be thinking that the Gopalak Yojana has come to know but how will the Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana loan be received? And how will we apply under the Gopalak Yojana?

#3-Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Scheme Bank Loan

Dear friends, let us tell you. In Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana, only cattle rearers keeping 10 -20 cows will be benefited. In the scheme, all cattle rearers will be benefited whether they keep cows or buffalo. Let us tell you that there is no such rule in it. Is it to keep only cow or buffalo only. Animal husbandry can be kept under this, but under the Gopalak scheme, the animal should be the milk giver. For this, the bank is giving loans very easily.

  • In the Gopalak Yojana, cattle rangers will have to build a cattle shed at a cost of Rs 1.5 lakh per 10 animals.
  • In Gopalak Yojana, the bank will give loan only if you keep at least 5 animals, the bank will not give loan if it is less than that.
  • In the Gopalak Yojana, if the livestock only wants to keep five animals, they will not get the second installment, but if they want to raise more animals, then another installment of Rs 3.50 lakh will be provided.
  • A total of 9 lakh rupees will be given in the Gopalak Yojana.

#4-Benefits of Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Scheme

Dear friends, now the question will be coming in the mind of all of you, what will be the benefit of all of us from the Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana, friends, we will tell you very much.

  • Everyone will get employment under Gopalak Yojana.
  • Under the Gopalak scheme, everyone can open their own dairy farm.
  • Bank loans will be given easily to all under the Gopalak scheme.
  • In Gopalak Yojana, you can take care of your family by getting all employment.
  • The biggest benefit of the Gopalak scheme is that the poor will no longer have to live in poverty.
  • Unemployment will come down and the country will progress under the Gopalak scheme.

#5-Eligibility for Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana

Friends, now you must be thinking, who will apply for Uttar Pradesh in the spinach scheme, what will be the eligibility for this, friends, let's read what is the eligibility for the Gopalak scheme.

  • Only a resident of Uttar Pradesh can apply in Uttar Pradesh Gopalak's scheme.
  • To apply for Gopalak Yojana, it is necessary to have a bonafide.
  • To apply in Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana, a person must be unemployed.
  • To participate in Gopalak Yojana, the annual income of a person should not be above one lakh.

#6-Selection of animals for Gopalak scheme

Now friends, let us tell you how the animals will be selected under the Gopalak scheme.

  • Animals will be purchased from cattle fair under Gopalak scheme.
  • Whatever animals will be purchased under the Gopalak Yojana, they should be millers.
  • Animals should be absolutely healthy under Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana, they should not have any disease.
  • Animals will be insured under the Gopalak scheme.
  • In Gopalak Yojana, only those who are interested in livestock can take part.

#7-Application in Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Scheme

It is very easy to apply in Gopalak Yojana, you have to take care of some of the following things.

  • Only those people will be selected in Gopalak Yojana and they will apply, who are interested in raising animals.
  • To participate in the Gopalak Yojana, one has to apply to the nearest medical officer.
  • For Gopalak Yojana, Medical Officer will report to Veterinary Officer.
  • Its list will go to the Directorate.
  • In the selection committee, CDO Chairman, CVO Secretary and Nodal Officer are nominated as members.
  • You can also apply online for Uttar Pradesh Gopalak Yojana, whose form you can download.

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